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After almost five decades of existence, Montessori Academy alumni have celebrated tremendous successes and achievements.  From doctors, lawyers, and successful business people, to actors, musicians, and dancers, Montessori Academy has helped to nurture creative, innovative, and thoughtful thinkers and doers.  We cannot be more proud of all those that have graced the halls of Montessori Academy Edison Lakes.  
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Alumni Spotlight - Phillip Yang, Montessori Academy Class of 2013

Phillip Yang graduated from Montessori Academy in 2013.  He is a senior at Culver Military Academy and has been accepted to the Cum Laude Society, which is a society “dedicated to honoring scholastic achievement in secondary schools.” The founders of the Cum Laude Society modeled it after Phi Beta Kappa.  Phillip has also recently been honored as a National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist.  

Phillip began his Montessori journey in 2002 in Room 5 with Mrs. Gabrielse.  Phillip knew every country’s flag by the time he was 3.  It is this inquisitiveness and desire to learn that has guided Phillip throughout his years at Montessori and beyond.

Phillip is interested in majoring in Spanish and Biochemistry upon entry into college next Fall.  While reflecting about his years at Montessori, Phillip stated that, “in the nurturing Montessori system, I was able to pursue my passions freely without fear of failure. In addition, it instilled respect and integrity in me.”  Phillip said that “the multifaceted education developed all aspects of me as an individual.”  He was recently accepted to Brown University, where he will be attending beginning the Fall of 2017.

Phillip Yang has thought a great deal about his Montessori education.  He stated that, “Montessori transforms young students into the respectful, disciplined, and knowledgeable leaders of tomorrow. I wholeheartedly have enjoyed my 10+ years at TMA and would not be the young man I am today without it. The school provides a holistic education with its academically rigorous programs and its focus on character development. Such an experience is truly unique and instills students with values that they will draw upon in high school, college, and beyond.”  

We are extremely confident that Phillip will continue to shine, not only as a student, but as a young man, as he continues his journey.  We are grateful to call him one of our Alumni.