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After almost five decades of existence, The Montessori Academy alumni have celebrated tremendous successes and achievements. From doctors, lawyers, and successful business people, to actors, musicians, and dancers, Montessori Academy has helped to nurture creative, innovative, and thoughtful thinkers and doers. We cannot be prouder of all the students that have graced the halls of The Montessori Academy.  
The Montessori Academy alumni are a very important part of our past, present, and future. Help us to keep our mailing list current and send us news to share with the TMA community-at-large. We want to know more about our alumni's successes and accomplishments, so please fill out an online Alumni Survey. We want to hear from you!

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Alumni Spotlight - Annalena Bellm, TMA Class of 2013

Annalena Bellm graduated from The Montessori Academy in 2013 and from St. Joe High School in 2017.  Currently wrapping up her First-Year of studies at Notre Dame, Annalena was admitted last week as an incoming member of the Sorin Scholar Class of 2021:
“The Sorin Scholars honors program admits 10-12 high potential first-year students across all colleges and schools through a competitive application process during the spring semester. We select a cohort of students who have excelled in terms of scholarly engagement (e.g., research, creative endeavors, leadership)”

Annalena has stated that, "I am very grateful to the TMA family. Though I only attended Montessori from 6th to 8th grade, in those three years it not only taught me how to succeed in my academics but also showed me how my passions can be used, and should be used, for the betterment of the world."

Congratulations, Annalena, on this incredible accomplishment!