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Faculty and Staff

The Montessori Academy faculty and staff work together to address the academic, social-emotional, and physical development of the whole child. All teachers are Montessori-certified in addition to their undergraduate degrees; many have graduate degrees as well. They pledge to work in partnership with each family and to be dedicated to your child’s education. Additionally, they pledge to:

  • Honor the principles of the Montessori philosophy and method
  • Cultivate the child’s intellect with a challenging and engaging curriculum which builds thinking abilities and academic skills.
  • Offer a safe, secure learning environment with an inquiring, cooperative, and nurturing atmosphere.
  • Create an environment where students learn to work as a team and to value each member’s contribution.
  • Emphasize self-motivation and independent thinking so that each child becomes a confident student and creative problem solver.
  • Instill responsibility by providing a learning atmosphere that fosters self-confidence, positive work habits, and commitment to others.
  • Build a relationship of trust and support between home and school.
  • Inspire care of the community by fostering competent, responsible, and caring citizens.

If you would like to learn more about Montessori Academy’s faculty & staff, please contact us.