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Academic Programs

Limitless Potential, Lifetime of Success

The Montessori Academy's Academic Programs include Toddler (ages 18 months through 36 months), Early Childhood, including Kindergarten (ages 2 1/2 through 6 years), Lower Elementary (ages 6 to 9 years), Upper Elementary (ages 9 through 12 years), and Junior High (ages 12 through 14 years.)

Montessori educational philosophy has several unique components to it. These fundamental tenets make each classroom a special and unique place.

Each class level is typically organized in three-year age groups and builds upon the foundation of the previous stage. The social community of mixed-age children allows each child an opportunity to experience being a newcomer and eventually a leader in the classroom community. This gives experienced students an opportunity to serve as role models and help others through peer teaching and partner work, promoting self-worth, as well as community pride.

The function of the teacher in a Montessori classroom is to be a guide and facilitator. She presents lessons and guides the children in the pursuit of their interests as they work toward mastery of each subject area. She is trained in observation and record keeping, tracking each child’s individual progress. She spends most of the time working with small groups of students as the rest of the class works independently. Teachers and parents form a collaboration to help children achieve their full potential.

The student’s learning space is not just a classroom; it is a prepared environment. Classrooms at The Montessori Academy at Edison Lakes are warm, inviting, and stimulating. They allow for movement and exploration, and are designed to encourage the development of inner discipline- order, concentration, and independence. Parents are encouraged to come and observe a classroom in session.

Learning is individualized. This means that students do different work at different times, at different levels. When needed, The Montessori Academy offers additional educational support.  In each work a student does, he is encouraged to progress to his full potential.

We invite you to visit our photo galleries on animal care, land experience, farm, and field trips for additional insight into the curriculum at Montessori Academy Edison Lakes.

If you would like to learn more about The Montessori Academy’s academic programs, please join us for coffee, or contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!