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Early Childhood

More Than Just A Preschool

Ages: 3-6 years.

Program Times: Half and Full Day Classes offered

Kindergarten level for ages 5-6 years is integrated into all Five-Day Classes

The Early Childhood program is designed for a multiage group where students learn to explore, move, and interact socially.

The program provides children with a strong foundation in reading, writing, and mathematical skills while helping them develop the concentration and independence necessary for success at the elementary level. Additionally, the program includes co-curricular activities and enrichment opportunities.

Since children develop at different rates and better retain skills when they learn and teach peers, this mixed-age class provides the best setting to help a child fill his or her individual potential.

For 5 and 6 year olds, a comprehensive Kindergarten curriculum takes place within this mixed age setting. Our kindergarten "graduates" are extremely well prepared to enter first grade at TMA or in other more traditional school settings.

To view the full Early Childhood curriculum, please click here.

We invite you to visit our photo galleries for a glimpse of some of our classroom activities and events, as well as The Montessori Academy community events, such as International Festival, Parent-Child Adventure nights, and the Autumn Harvest Festival.

If you would like to learn more about The Montessori Academy’s Early Childhood program, please join us for coffee the first Wednesday of the month, or contact us. Thank you for your interest!