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The Montessori Academy Enrollment and Contract Procedures Questions & Answers

Is there a required deposit?

Yes. A $500.00 deposit is required to confirm your child's enrollment.

Is the deposit applied to tuition?

Yes. The $500.00 deposit per child that is required with the contract is deducted from the annual tuition. Please call the Head of School or the Director of Finance if you have special circumstances regarding the deposit.

Are payment plans available?

Yes. The Montessori Academy uses the FACTS Management Program for families who want a deferred payment plan. Families currently using TMS will need to go-online and sign up for the 2017-2018 school year with the new payment plan company.  Please click here for FACTS sign up instructions. 

Does Montessori Academy Edison Lakes offer a multi-sibling discount?

Yes. First child is full tuition, second child receives a 10% discount; third child receives a 20% discount; fourth and subsequent siblings receive a 30% discount each. Sibling discounts are adjusted as number of siblings exit.

Does Montessori Academy Edison Lakes offer Tuition Assistance?

Yes. The Academy sets aside a percentage of the budget to offer Tuition Assistance to families. Parents must apply to FACTS Grant & Aid for evaluation of need. Montessori Academy gives priority to returning families and awards a percentage of the Tuition Assistance needed based on the funds available and family qualified need. We believe that the tuition is the family's responsibility and we offer Tuition Assistance so that children can continue their education at the Academy as they move up through the levels. Tuition Assistance applications are available through the Finance Director's office.

Does Montessori Academy Edison Lakes accept credit cards for tuition payments?

Yes. Payment for services (tuition, athletics, enrichment activities, etc.) can be paid with a credit card. There is a 3% fee for credit card payments. The 3% fee is not applicable for donations made to the school. Credit card payments are not accepted for payment of Scrip card purchases.                          

What are the Elementary and Adolescent activity fees?

These fees for Activities/Events, which include such things as field trips, special events, bus transportation, camps, and other extended trips, are part of the contract. By including them in the contract, families have the option of including those fees with their FACTS Management payment plan. These fees do not cover the athletic registration fees.

When will I know about my child's class placement?

If your child is continuing at the same level, enrollment will be offered for your child's current classroom. Children moving up a level will receive class placement notification in July. The Head of School makes all class placement decisions and takes into consideration the balance and characteristics of the classroom community in which your child will enter.

What emergency and health information is required for attendance at Montessori Academy?

All students are required to complete the Family Information document included with the contract prior to the child entering school. We need current allergy information on file and are required to maintain complete state health documents verifying vaccinations. Please be sure we have two emergency contact persons in addition to the parent(s) who can respond immediately to an emergency call from school.

What supplies do the children need for school?

Montessori Academy Edison Lakes provides all classroom materials and supplies for the students. The Toddler and Early Childhood students receive a school tote bag of sufficient size to carry all necessary items to and from school. Backpacks are not used at the Toddler and Early Childhood levels. Backpacks are permitted at the Elementary and Junior High levels.

What is the purpose of orientation/phase-in for students?

The gradual phase-in/orientation of each child at the beginning of the year is crucial to your child’s success in the classroom.

Children transitioning into a new setting need time to adjust to the new community, whether it is the first time the child has separated from the home or is transferring from one level to another within Montessori Academy or is transferring from another school. Students have an orientation or “phase-in” week in August just prior to the opening of school. The students attend class two to three hours on the days scheduled for each level. The schedule is sent to parents in July with the other opening-school information.

For all children, this is a most important time of establishing and practicing the ground rules. This prepares them to work purposefully, peacefully, and independently in an environment of freedom.

When is Before and After Care open?

The Before Care portion of the contract enrolls a child for the full school year in the before school group. Before Care opens at 7:15 a.m.
The After Care (3:30-6:00 p.m.) portion enrolls a child for the full school year in the after school group.

For Non-Class times/days (those periods when the classes close early for staff meetings, in-service professional days and parent conference days) all-day care is provided only for Full-Day Early Childhood students and Elementary/Junior High students who are enrolled in full-time after care.

Is there a Full Day and non-class day program for the Early Childhood students?

Yes. Students enrolled in the Montessori Early Childhood Full Day Program are in school until either 3:15 or 6:00 p.m. and have class on non-class days such as in-service, early dismissal (unless noted on the calendar) and parent conference days.

Is there a Before or After Care or All Day program for Toddlers?

No. We only offer half day programs for children under the age of three years or those who are enrolled in the Toddler class who might turn three during the school year.

Are there programs for students on school holidays?

No. The school is fully closed (office, classes and after care) on all federal and traditional school holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving (three days), Winter Break (approximately 10 days), Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, and July 4.

Does enrollment in the After Care program cover the fees for Elementary and Junior High student participation in sports or other similar activities?

No. The budget for After Care covers the cost of that program, including all employee expenses, administration functions, facility expenses, materials and supplies. Sports and other enrichment programs have separate fees and budgets.

What is the Now and Then Program?
The Now and Then Program is a payment option that allows families to use the Before and After Care programs occasionally or less than full-time/full year.

  • Note regarding Early Childhood Before Care: The Now and Then option for Before Care (7:15-8:30 a.m.) is available to all Early Childhood students on regular school days. On Non-Class days (those periods when the classes close early for staff meetings, in-service professional days and parent conference days) Before Care is available to Full Day Early Childhood students only.
  • Note regarding Early Childhood After Care:  The Now and Then After Care option (3:30-6:00 p.m.) is available to Full Day Early Childhood students on regular school days and on Non-Class days (those periods when the classes close early for staff meetings, in-service professional days and parent conference days.)

Can the Now and Then fees be included in the enrollment contract?

No. We can only include annual fees with the enrollment contract.

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