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Tuition Assistance

Q.  What is Tuition Assistance at The Montessori Academy?
A.  Tuition Assistance at The Montessori Academy is a need-based program intended to make a Montessori education accessible, affordable, and attainable for qualifying families and their students.

Q.  How do I know if I will be eligible for Tuition Assistance?
A.  Never assume that you will not be eligible!  You will not know if you are eligible until after you apply. Many families qualify even if they think they may not. The cost to apply is a non-refundable amount of $30.00.
Q.  How do I apply for Tuition Assistance?
A.  The completed enrollment contract, Family Information form, Tuition Assistance contract amendment and a $250/child tuition deposit must be submitted to the Director of Finance before an application for Tuition Assistance is considered. Once your enrollment contract has been received, you will need to complete an on-line application for Tuition Assistance with copies of required tax return documents for the previous year and submit a detailed on-line application to FACTS Grant & Aid.
Q.  How do you determine if I qualify?
A.  The Montessori Academy uses an external service (FACTS Grant & Aid) to take your information and process it.  This is a confidential service which makes sure that all applicants are given fair and unbiased consideration. Your income and expenses are the primary basis on which a need is determined, as well as the Mission, program, and enrollment needs of The Montessori Academy.
Q. Am I required to pay it back?
A.  No. Tuition Assistance is gifted to you and your family and is not a loan.
Q.  What do you do with this information and how does that help you decide what we receive?
A.  The Montessori Academy Tuition Assistance Committee uses the information on your application to determine what you are qualified to receive. Awards are based on the determined need of the family – not to exceed 75% of the total tuition cost.
Q.  Who is on the Tuition Assistance Committee?
A.  The Tuition Assistance committee is comprised of the Head of School, Director of Finance and one non-parent, non-board member.
Q.  Who knows that I am applying for Tuition Assistance?
A.  The Tuition Assistance program is confidential. The Director of Finance is the only contact between the school and families requesting Tuition Assistance. Your application is assigned a number by the Director of Finance and is referenced by that number.
Q.  Will I get the $250 tuition deposit back if I do not qualify for Tuition Assistance?
A.  Yes. In the circumstance that you do not qualify for Tuition Assistance and choose not to enroll your student, the full deposit will be returned to you. If you are awarded Tuition Assistance, the $250 deposit will be applied toward your tuition cost.
Q.  How long will the Tuition Assistance process take?
A.  The process takes approximately 2 weeks after receipt of the completed enrollment. The more quickly the enrollment process is completed, the faster the Tuition Assistance process can begin.
If you would like more information, have additional questions or would like to apply for Tuition Assistance, please contact Susan Finster, Director of Finance at 574-256-5313 ext. 211, or SFinster@tma-el.org
Tuition Assistance Awarding Guidelines

Tuition Assistance Packet - Current Families

Tuition Assistance Packet - New Families