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Lunch Mixer Nutrition Chart

Choose one item from each color/category and you have a balanced lunch

Protein Veggie Fruit Grains
Chicken Strips or Cubes Cut Carrots Sliced Apples
(Soak in whitegrape juice to keep from browning.)
Whole Grain Bread
Cheese Sticks or Cubes Cut Bell Peppers Pineapple Whole Grain Tortillas
Last Night's Meatloaf Cut Celery Kiwi Whole Grain Crackers
Taco Meat Purple Asparagus Grapes Rice Crackers with Whole Grain Ingredients.
Hummus Mini-Bell Peppers Avocado Homemade Breads (Zucchini, pumpkin etc.)
Cottage Cheese Cut Broccoli Strawberries Brown Rice
Yogurt Green Beans Cantaloupe Cubes or Balls Whole Wheat Pasta
Thinly sliced Chicken, Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham, etc. for Sandwiches Black, Kidney or Pinto Beans
(In olive oil with seasonings)
Watermelon Cubes/Balls Wild Rice
Bacon Strips Salad Pears Whole Grain Sub Sandwich Rolls
Sausage Links or Patties Sliced Cucumber Cherries Whole Grain Slimwiches
Tuna, Egg, or Ham Salad Mini Cucumbers Blueberries Whole Grain Bagels
Bean Salad Tomato / Cucumber / Onion Salad (With light mayo and light sugar topping) Blackberries Angonoa's Whole Grain Sesame Breadsticks (good for dipping in hummus, black bean dip, peanut butter or soy butter.)
Black Bean Dip Cut Cauliflower Raspberries  
Hard Boiled Eggs Pickles Oranges  
Frozen Yogurt Pop (Keep cold with ice pack.) Beets Clementines  
Tofu Cubes Bean Sprouts Plums  
Tempeh Alfalfa Sprouts Figs  
Kefir Snow Peas Mangoes  
Almonds (Lunch only) Soy Beans (Edamame) Bananas  
Shrimp (On ice pack) Avocado Guava  
Peanut Butter (Lunches only.) Sweet Potato (Baked or in Strips.0 Honeydew Melon  
Sunflower Seeds   Mandarin Oranges  
Pumpkin Seeds   Olives  
Soy Butter   Grape Tomatoes  

Please feel free to add your menu items to the list and share with the rest of the school!  You can email your suggestions to Kristi Gouker at klgouker1@att.net