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TMA Gives Day*

What is our goal?

Our goal is to achieve 100% participation across all of TMA! Whenever we pass a tenth of participation (10% of families, 20% of families, etc.), Enzyme Research and Martell Electric will each ‘unlock’ a $500 gift to TMA! If we reach 100% participation, they will have unlocked a combined total of $10,000 to TMA!

Awesome! How do I participate?

Participation is easy! A gift of $5 or more counts as participation. You can give directly to TMA or to our SGO fund (details below). Volunteering on May 20 also counts as participation! Contact Hannah Couch to learn more (hcouch@tma-el.org).

The Fine Print

  • Send in Cash/Check to the Front Desk. If cash, please inform them of your name/child(ren)’s name. If check, please make it out to “The Montessori Academy” and put “TMA Gives Day” in the memo.
  • Give to our SGO fund and 50% of your gift will be a credit to your Indiana State business or personal tax! https://www.scholarshipsforeducationchoice.com/the-montessori-academy-edison-lakes/
  • Give online at: https://tma.kindful.com/?campaign=1016244
  • Excepting gifts to the SGO fund, all TMA Gives Day monetary gifts will go towards our General Fund.
  • All gifts received for TMA Gives Day from April 29 – May 20 will count as participation.
  • All questions should be directed to Hannah Couch (hcouch@tma-el.org) or 574-256-5313.