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Volunteer at The Montessori Academy!

We encourage all members of The Montessori Academy community to volunteer. This is a way to share your talents and time, while providing a service to the community and having opportunities to better understand and support your child’s learning experience. We encourage you to get involved with our Parent Network, or contact us to learn more about any of the following opportunities.

Become a Room Parent
Assist the classroom teacher in organizing and promoting class and school events throughout the year, serve as a liaison between the teacher and the class parents and be a resource for new families.

International Festival
A celebration of our many cultures. Many hands are needed to gather, set up, and display this school community multicultural event.

Marketing Committee
Share your ideas and energy in getting the word out about MAEL.

Picture Days
Help escort the children to and from their rooms to the photo area.

Windfall Auction
This annual affair is one of the school's major fundraisers. By March, we are all ready for an adult night out and a lovely dinner with good friends. Volunteers are needed for many small tasks that come together to create a truly gala affair.

Please take a few minutes and select areas that interest you. You will meet other parents and provide a valuable service to your child's school. We welcome other ideas, interests or hobbies that you may be able to share with the school in general or your child's class in particular. Teaching the class to knit, coordinating a special field trip, or offering a special presentation on cultural experience are all valuable gifts to our community.

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved at MAEL, please contact us.