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TMA succeeds because of our dedicated volunteers; simply put, we need you. We sincerely appreciate everyone who donates their time throughout the school year in the many areas we need volunteers in.

Please browse through the below opportunities and contact those in charge of each opportunity with any questions. If there is a Sign Up Genius link, please utilize it to its fullest extent. 

Lunch Time Volunteers

We need volunteers to prepare the lunches for the EC children, help serve Lower El when needed and plate up JH. Due to Health Department regulations, children are not allowerd in the kitchen during meal preparations. However, if you have a child in half day and would still like to help - you can! Simply walk over and pick up your child and come back and finish. They are welcome to sit with the Lower El kids. 
  • Duties include serving lunch on trays, wrapping the trays, preparing them for delivery, and cleaning up the kitchen area. Training is available!
  • Times needed are school days Monday-Thursday from 10:45AM - 12:00PM. 

Questions? Contact Kristi Gouker 574-309-2897 or Stephanie Schilling 269-240-0451

Substitute Teachers 

While this isn't a true volunteer gig (there is some pay involved) we thought it fit well on this page. Qualifications include ... patience and love of children. That's it! Training/orientation opportunities are available. You will always be paired with another teacher and best of all - you can choose which substitute opportunities you want to be called for - from age ranges to hours and days you want to be available. Pretty cush!

For questions or to sign up, contact Kim Bosworth: 574-256-5313 or kbosworth@tma-el.org.

Gift Wrapping

Each year, parents get together and wrap gifts for our teachers/staff! They bring in the gifts they want wrapped (for their families and friends) and parents wrap them! We all know teachers are so busy and this is one way we can give back and save them some time during the Holiday Season. All you need to bring is yourself! We will have all of the wrapping materials there. 

Questions should be sent to Stephanie Schilling or Kristi Gouker. 

12/12/18 - 8:45am (after drop off)
12/14/18 - 8:45am (after drop off)
12/19/18 - 8:45am (after drop off)

"Busy Work"

Every so often, we need help with "busy work," which looks like folding brochures, stuffing envelopes, etc. When we have those needs, we will list them here.

11/30/18 - 12/3/19 Folding/Stuffing envelope help needed! Email Hannah Couch (hcouch@tma-el.org) if you think you could help. Thanks in advance!

Drop-In Night

The Junior High is sponsoring a Drop-In Night! There will be pizza, fruit, and juice/soda for dinner! Movies (with popcorn) will be in the JH room on the big screen, games will be in the gym, and there will be a craft station for gift making.  

Volunteers are needed - please email Mr. Buttigieg if you can help (cglezman@tma-el.org) or sign up using this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0b4eaead2ca4f58-drop


Our annual Windfall Gala will be on Saturday, March 23, 2019 and is themed The Roaring 1920s. It is our annual fundraiser but really, it is oh-so-much more! It's our social event of the year! TMA friends, families, alumni, and staff love to attend - we kick up our heels and have fun together. Each year we make baskets and projects for auction which TMA parents, teachers and kids all work on together. Below you can find how to help with the various baskets and projects. 

Our Co-Chairs for this year's Windfall Gala are Leah Miars and Carrie Dunnem. You may contact them with any Windfall questions. 

Windfall Projects

Windfall projects are broken down into the All School Project and Classroom Projects. Under each project, you'll find contact information for who to go to with any questions you may have. 

Please don't be shy about asking local businesses for donations!

You know, sometimes, donating money towards a Windfall Project can be a better fit for you than donating physical items might be. Click here to do just that!

All School Project
This year's project is a set of tresslised planters that will be decorated with birdhouses - one birdhouse to represent each class. Our hope is to have all the materials collected for each class by Grandparents Day (Tuesday, November 20th). Project materials can be sent with students with a note attached that says "Windfall All School Project" and submitted to Hannah Couch in the front office. 

SIGN UP HEREhttps://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0c4ba9ad22a1f58-allschool
Contact: Leah Miars (leahmiars@comcast.net) or Carrie Dunnem (carriedunnem@yahoo.com)

Room 1 Project - Shower Curtain Paint

Contact Ms. Ludwick (bludwick@tma-el.org) or Mary Barrett (mbarrett.iu@gmail.com) to see how you can help.

Room 2 Project - Felt Flowers

Contact Ms. Gabrielse (jgabrielse@tma-el.org) or Sarah Rowley (sarah-rowley@live.com) to see how you can help. 

Room 3 Project - Bead Wind Chime

Contact Ms. Harvey (bharvey@tma-el.org) or Sofia Guitierrez (sofia.gc@gmail.com) to see how you can help. 

Room 4 Project - Picnic Table

Contact Ms. Baldwin (mbaldwin@tma-el.org) or Leah Miars (leahmiars@comcast.net) to see how you can help. 

Room 5 Project - Ruler Tree

Contact Ms. Price (jprice@tma-el.org) or Carrie Dunnem (carriedunnem@yahoo.com) to see how you can help.

Room 6 Project - Bottle Cap Tree Art

Contact Ms. Stallings (jstallings@tma-el.org) or Aliya Franco (aliyajojo@yahoo.com) to see how you can help.

Room 7 Project - Wood Collage

Contact Ms. Turner (lturner@tma-el.org) or Lori Farthing (lorifarthing@icloud.com) to see how you can help. 

Room 105 - Found Art Picture

Contact Ms. Owens (cowens@tma-el.org) or Nicole Lehman (colie41@gmail.com) to see how you can help.

Room 106 - Tuffets

Contact Ms. Reynolds (rreynolds@tma-el.org) or Deidre Quiring (deidre@viaggiohandmade.com) to see how you can help.

Room 107 - Shrinky Dinks

Contact Ms. Darmogray (jdarmogray@tma-el.org) or Melissa Kaehr (melissa.kaehr@bethelcollege.edu) to see how you can help.

Room 102 - TBD

Contact Ms. Kolata (kkolata@tma-el.org) or Kristi Gouker (klgouker1@att.net) to see how you can help.

Room 104 - Picnic Table and Benches

Contact Ms. Muffoletto (hmuffoletto@tma-el.org) or Kristi Gouker (klgouker1@att.net) to see how you can help. 

Windfall Baskets

Experienced TMA-ers will notice a change in our TMA Baskets this year - we decided to move from Classroom Baskets to Grade Level Baskets. We will create lists for parents in each grade level to work from when compiling baskets (some are already created and are linked below). Briefly, the idea behind this change is to have a few less baskets at Windfall, avoid burnout before the event, and promote TMA school unity across grade levels. All donated items can be set to school when they are clearly labled "____ (Grade Level) Basket."

Please don't be shy about asking local businesses for donations!

Again - sometimes it's a better fit to donate money instead of a physical item. If you fit in that category - no worries! Click here to donate money towards your Grade Level basket
Toddler Level - Family Night
SIGN UP HERE: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0c4ba9ad22a1f58-toddler
Contact Leah Miars (leahmiars@comcast.net) to see how you can help.
Preschool Level - 1990s
SIGN UP HERE: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0b4eaead2ca4f58-preschool
Contact Sarah Rowley (sarah-rowley@live.com) to see how you can help.

Kindergarten Level - LEGOS!
SIGN UP HEREhttps://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0b4eaead2ca4f58-kindergarten
Contact Carrie Dunnem (carriedunnem@yahoo.com) to see how you can help.
Lower Elementary Level - Your Home, Improved
SIGN UP HEREhttps://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0b4eaead2ca4f58-lower
Contact Deirdre Quiring (deidre@viaggiohandmade.com) or Nicole Lehman (colie41@gmail.com) to see how you can help.
Upper Elementary Level - Farmhouse Chic
SIGN UP HEREhttps://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0b4eaead2ca4f58-upper
Contact Ms. Kolata (kkolata@tma-el.org) or Leah Miars (leahmiars@comcast.net) to see how you can help. 
Junior High Level - Craft Beer
Sign Up Genius list is on its way. Check back soon!
Contact Ginee Ames (gineeames@hotmail.com) or Carrie Dunnem (carriedunnem@yahoo.com) to see how you can help.